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"Simpy put, Darrin is a miracle worker. I spent a year being virtually crippled with a back injury. I could barely get myself dressed, wasn't able to sit at work anymore and all other day-to-day activities were utterly exhausting. I had started to think that this was just how my life was going to be and things were looking very bleak. After just one session I was able to bend and touch my toes with almost no pain. After a few sessions I was able to snowboard on closing weekend in the thick, soupy snow at Sugar Bowl! I am back to swimming every day and enjoying my active life again. Thank you for giving me my life back, Darrin!!!"

Tracy P., Sacramento, Ca.



"Darrin Lenton, to put it simply, is amazing. Through his training in many different types of bodywork he has helped me recover and to achieve many physical gains. Darrin is professional and truly cares about his clients; his motivation is to help you get healthy, period. I would recommend anyone suffering from pain to contact Darrin immediately, you won’t be disappointed."

Austin S.,  Sacramento, Ca.


"Darrin's work gets right to the heart of the problem, and provides both immediate and long-term relief. If you have an acute injury, or a nagging chronic issue, Darrin will get you back to functioning normally in an incredibly short time compared to other treatment modalities. He understands that everything in the body is interconnected, and is patient and thorough in pursuing all the issues, no matter how subtle. His techniques will get you back into training and competition, and feeling confident that your body is ready for anything."

Gwyn Gordon, Woodside, Ca.

Professional Showjumper


“In 2007 I ended a rewarding 20 year career in the golf business. The last 15 of those years I was a PGA Class A member. Later, I decided to join Fleet Feet Sports as a Sales Associate/Coach and trail runner. Since 2001, I’ve successfully completed 21 Ultra-Distance trail races, including the 2012 Western States 100 mile race.

In 2013, I hired Darrin Lenton as my kettlebell coach.  I wanted to improve my functional movement, my overall strength and ultimately my trail running.  Hiring Darrin was great decision.  In over 40 years of running, I’ve never been as structurally sound and injury free since working with Darrin on the kettlebell deadlift, swing and get-up.

However, what I didn’t realize is how much more Darrin has to offer.  His understanding of human anatomy and physiology helped me re-open neuro pathways, which were closed from years of misuse. This has greatly enhanced my ability to perform my work-outs safely and correctly. I am building bonafide functional strength from the inside out versus strength on top of dysfunction.

As a result of my work with Darrin, I feel my best running races are ahead of me. And if I were still playing golf I would feel the lowest rounds are ahead of me.

I would recommend Darrin Lenton to anyone who’s interested in improving their health, their sport and their own personal bests. “

Bob H., Sacramento, Ca.

As a fellow pain management and athletic performance specialist, I share a number of mutual colleagues with Darrin. I began hearing his name mentioned all over the place; whispers of this mystery practitioner in Sacramento who has a level of skill when it comes to manual therapy that is relatively unmatched. He sounded like a person I needed to know! After getting to know Darrin, I flew from New York to work with him on a number of my nagging pain and performance issues. On the one hand I hesitate to write a review now, because I think as I continue to work with Darrin in the future he will continue to blow my mind with what he’s able to contribute to my health and athleticism, and I’m going to want to write about all of the awesome stuff we accomplish then; but on the other hand, I want to spread the word now that this is a person you want to work with – whether you are looking to get out of pain, move better, be stronger, or simply play.


My favorite surprise payoff to come out of my first session with Darrin was improved vocal performance after some jaw, hyoid, and sub occipital work. Having been a professional singer for my entire life, the last few years have proved rocky as my neck/jaw issues affected my technique. Following our session, I was able to hit notes with relative ease that I hadn’t been able to hit comfortably or consistently in over a year! I couldn’t be more excited at how much of a change I noticed after such a little bit of work.


Darrin is a devoted and knowledgeable practitioner, who has dedicated himself to education in a way that most people in the pain management and performance enhancement worlds do not even come close to. If you are in the Sacramento area, I could not recommend Darrin more.


-Cecelia Ticktin

"Over the last few months, Darrin and I have made significant progress on a wide swath of my neuromuscular issues, some of which have been bothering me for more than a decade. Darrin’s cross-disciplinary skill set has been highly effective for me where traditional massage, PT, etc. have not."

Marshall P., Redwood City, Ca.


"Ive had chronic back pain for about 6 months and it was effecting simple everyday activities. I visited an athletic trainer, my doctor, a spine specialist, chiropractor, received many deep tissue massages and got an MRI. Nothing seemed to be helping me as I tried endlessly to put a stop to this pain. As a college soccer player and the season approaching fast, I became very desperate and was getting frustrated. My mothers friend recommended I see a guy who fixed her hip pain and supposedly re-connects your muscles back to your brain. I gave Darrin a call and told him about my upper-back pain. He was pretty confident he could get me back to normal. After my first session with Darrin, I noticed a big difference. I worked with Darrin for a total of 4 sessions and after I returned back to soccer training pretty close to 100%. Im so lucky and thankful to have worked with this amazing man. He’s probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet when recovering from an injury. He truly cares if you will recover and he takes it that its his responsibility that you will return pain free. If I hadn’t met Darrin, I’d probably still be in the same place, frustrated and sad. Darrin enabled me to return doing what I love! And I can’t thank him enough for that."

Zack W., Belmont, Ca.